Hi! I'm a 3D Artist & Motion Designer from Argentina. I've been working with digital media for around ten years, which drove me to create imagery with 3D tools and sometimes apply Motion Design to it. I'm always focused on the little details to make eye-catching images.
I was born in Ushuaia, Argentina, and currently, I'm residing in Australia 
I have a Bachelor's Degree in Multimedia Design from Universidad Nacional de La Plata. I made a lot of Interactive Art there, and fortunately, it was the place that opened me the doors to see, enjoy and understand the beautiful art in this world.
I'm passionate about creating surrealist artwork that can move your thoughts and feelings and mine while crafting digital art pieces.
If you are an art collector, a freelancer, a company or a student,
feel free to contact me at hello@adrianaguilmallea.com
or drop me a line from here  ▼
Thank you!
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